As the CEO of the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center, I couldn’t be happier about our new sign you provided for us. We are now able to tell the community in a much simpler and much more effective way about the events taking place in Crouse Hall as well as in our Exhibit Hall. The process of updating our sign was very smooth, and simple, ending up with exactly what we were asking for.
Abe Ambroza
Chief Executive Officer  - Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center of Lima/Allen County
Our Hotel wanted to do something to increase our visibility along I-75. We reached out to Signs Ohio and they came up with the perfect solution! We added a state of the art digital sign to draw in more customers. We saw an increase of 30% in sales our first year after installing the sign. We really enjoyed working with Signs Ohio.
Jeff Lee
General Manager  - Howard Johnson - Lima
I just want to thank you for all of your help in working to make our sign a reality. I would have never guessed you would be putting it up in the rain, but Signs Ohio made it happen and it looks great. We have already received a number of compliments, and it has not even been turned on yet!
Adam Lee '99
Junior High/High School Principal  - Delphos Saint John\'s
Working through the sizing, design, installation and operation training of the digital sign provided by Signs OHIO gave our two stores the upgrade we hoped for in presenting the public our messages on product and services available.  The previous ‘letter change’ sign had several limitations of text and message.  The new signs provide a variety of text style, product image presentation, and nearly unlimited presentation design ability.   The signs operation during recent very cold weather has not presented any detriment to the images or functionality.  The ‘sticker shock’ we experienced while reviewing various suppliers of this type of sign supports the adage ‘you get what you pay for’.  Look forward to a future of meaningful information displayed for all to see.
Gary Lefeld
President  - Lefeld Welding Supplies and Rental